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Android headunit - porting 2021 S class MBUX to W211/203/209/219 platform with full ECU control over CANBUS

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Hi guys!

This project should work on ANY android Headunit based on a Rockchip CPU, regardless of the vendor! (As long as it runs android 8+)

A ongoing project of mine (hacking my W203), was to create a custom application for my XTRONS headunit. This app interfaces with the BOTH canbus networks on the car via an Arduino plugged into the headunit via USB.

Most of the elements on the UI have been pulled from the 2021 S Class MBUX Interface firmware - I plan to add more and more UI elements over time (I need to eventually write my own OpenGL rendering engine to display some of the models found in the firwmare as well as more complex 3D effects :eek:!)

Features (Currently via the UI)
  • AC Display - Display Exterior, interior temp, fan speed, window positions
  • Engine and 722.x transmission performance metrics
  • Live MPG and fuel consumption display

Planned features:
  • Display various engine parameters and Music data on the Instrument cluster (This has already been done on my previous project here)
  • Lights show by sampling playing music (Tesla style) - Currently WIP (see here)
  • Any other features from the S class UI
  • ECU Fault clearing from the UI - I know what packets to send to each ECU in the car to read and clear codes (Not generic ODB2!)
  • ECU Coding - TBD...Once I crack the Seed key algorithm MB uses to authenticate coding, I shall add the ability to enable/disable features via the tablet interface!

Showcase and how to tutorial
you can watch the Video here, showing how i set the whole thing up and the initial demo of the UI - I plan to have part 2 released in the coming week (There is loads I've done since Part 1!)

Image of some of the extra stuff for part 2!
Multimedia Electronics Vehicle Car Technology

Here be dragons
code base

Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated - Any ideas for new features as well!
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That's impressive. I've got an Android head unit and found it must be setup for Bluetooth to only allow devices to connect, so I can't connect to the ODB2 adapter
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