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Maybe this is an easy one.
I discovered a hairline crack in my 95 E320's painted front bumper insert.
Great...just great.
The body shop wants about $600.00 for the repair/replacement. And so... inspired by you fellow enthusiasts, I thought I'd get involved in the project hoping to save some $$'s.
My thought was to buy an OEM bumper insert from MB (only $140.00) and take it to be sprayed. questions: How do I pull the original bumper insert?
Should I order new clips for installing the new one?
How do I install the new one?
Naturally, like you, In addition to saving dollars, doing my own repair would be an enourmous source of pride.
Thanks again fellow enthusiasts for your continued support,
David: thumbsup:

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I don't know if the later 124s use the same setup but doing what you want to do on an earlier car is quite easy. In fact I just did it a few days ago...
The whole front bumper assembly comes off in just minutes. It's very, very easy. The first thing you have to do is unscrew the license plate bracket to access the outside temp display sender.
Then you remove a 10 mm nut at each end that is accessed from inside the wheel well, a 10 mm nut in the middle that is accessed from above, and 2 13 mm nuts ahead of the condenser ends accessed from under the car. GRab the upper edge of the bumper cover and pull it forward to remove it. You're done.
Removing the rub strip is harder. There are 3 phillips head screws located at each end of the strip. They're obvious and esy to remove once you clean the road grim out of the screw slots. Then you use a putty knife to unhook the retaining clips that hold the rub strip to the bumper. Start at one end and work your way across. Again, this is easy.
The clips are *part of* the rub strip so there's no need (or possibility) of ordering new ones.
To install a rub strip you simply start inserting the clips at one end of the bumper and thump them with the palm of your hand as you work your way across.
This really is a no sweat job.
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