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AMS Crank Pulley Group Buy Interests?

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Hey Guys,

I've been in contact with Omey at AMS.

He's willing to have a group buy on AMS Crank pulleys.

The original deal was to include headers too but they are no longer being made.

I have the Crank pulley fitted for over 2 years with no problems whatsoever. All I can report back are good things.

I have no affiliation to AMS. A couple of members have pm'ed me and asked about it and whether a GB was possible.

Well here it is!

You Guys need 4! Yes only 4 members to qualify for a price reduction. I'm told $450 is the price, a saving of $50.

When I bought 2yrs ago they were $600. So go for it!

You can nominate a member to go through or go direct as a group and tick your names off a list.

Whose is the first name to sign up? :y
Got this from off, anyone interested? Wondering if this is a good performance mod to do or not. :confused:
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