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Most of the turbo-diesel 602/603 engines not only had oil squirters, they also had internal passages inside the piston crown to provide additional cooling. However, the 3.5L engine only received these pistons as of 09/1995 production. See pages 3-6 in the attached PDF file.



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Happy New Year Nick !!

I don't think Nev has the cladding which is different then stock.
He has the front bumper and side skirts.
If I recall yours is not smooth but has a detail line near the top?

The stock cladding works if you contour the metal underneath to flare to match the wheel arches.
This involved making new mounts for the window regulator in the rear and using 2" teflon spacers in the front.
The stock cladding snaps in and takes the shape of the metal below.

The Extreme Diminesions replica AMG Gen I kit is a perfect fit in the rear.
Only need to add a top filler piece to mate up with the rear wheel arch.
It utilizes the stock bumper impact strips.
The front however was modified by cutting the lower half off and bonding to the stock assembly.
Relief cuts will be made in the corners to flare the side piece out.
A small extension piece will be bonded to the end of the bumper to align with the front wheel arch.

AMG Widebody kit front bumper

Replica front bumper

Relief cuts

Front fitted

Rear fitted

Installing the fog lights will reduce the amount of air entering into the plenum that supplies the intake box and intercooler. C6 Corvette brake cooling intake panels will be bonded to the underside of the bumper. A duct will be taken directly to the air intake box to supply the twin turbos

Damn, i really want the origianl amg gen 1 front bumper.. That thing looks nice!!
61 - 62 of 62 Posts