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Hi Everyone!!!

Long time no post for me, sorry bout that, school is driving me up a wall! (hehe, at least its not driving the benz into a wall)

I just stopped by MB Manhattan and picked up an 05 S Class Brochure and noticed that the AMG Sport package is now available as a NO COST OPTION! Just like the 2004 4 Matic was made as a No cost option.

I hate to say this, but a few years back, I paid $5000 to have the AMG sport package on my 2002 S500, and now its a FREE option? How is that fair? Also, How is that helping MB with their quality issues. Dont they need a lot of money to revamp their line of cars to offer W126 era quality? Losing $5000 per sportspackaged car doesnt seem the way to go.

Someone have any info?
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Damn... if this is true I wish Mercedes would put one on mine for no cost.
Hey! Ya this is true. If i remmeber, tonight ill scan the brochure. Its insane! Maybe they have it on the website too.

I was shocked when i saw that. They are including the entire AMG bodykit, along with High performance tires, and 4 AMG 18" staggered NO CHARGE! That seems insane! I gotta go and get new rims now cuz mine are bent and it will cost me $2500..... while ppl are getting them free?
hey, brad! it's true! below is the blurb from the website - from the 'what's new' section ,,, also below is the link. for 2006, you can choose either the sport package or the 4matic option at no cost (not both). and if you read carefully and review the picture(s) in the website, the 2006 s-class sport package has the same twin spoke amg wheel that the s-55 amg has.

i also noticed that the 2006 models are already out (several of my dealers here in the chicagoland area have them already). must be a final push on this body style prior to the introduction of the new 2007 style due out in the fall of 06. anyway -- here's the jackins directly from the benzo webiste. enjoy:

the 2006 s-500 sedan: 'Inspiring. Driver-adaptive 7-speed automatic transmission, exclusive Nappa leather heated front seats, hand-polished Burl Walnut wood interior trim, in-dash GPS navigation system, Airmatic air suspension and AMG Sport Appearance Package available as a no-charge option.

(The AMG Sport Appearance Package Available as a no-charge option on non-4MATIC S430 and S500 models, the Sport Appearance Package includes aggressive AMG-designed lower bodystyling and new staggered-width 18" AMG double-spoke wheels with 245/45 ZR18 front and 265/40 ZR18 rear high-performance tires.)'

and the link:
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Hi There,

Thanks for the link.

Obviously, that seems to be a bit unfair but I guess thats business. They should at least offer discounts to ppl that want to buy the new wheels for an older model because we were there when they introduced the model........ now they are BEGGING ppl to buy them buy offering them $5000 packages for no cost.

As ajm0623 mentioned, they gave the sport package free because it's the last year. They did the same thing with SL class (chassis R129) for the last 2 years.

When the new model comes, it's back to $5,000 option [:(]

On a related subject, I wonder why the (US models) CLK430/500 (and from 2005 the C230) always come with AMG package at no charge. It's not fair, my car cost 2-3 times more than those and I had to pay $5K for it!
Exactly my point bud. Thats what I mean. To make things right, they should offer the wheels and tires to previous S Class owners with a little discount.

Like i said before, we were there when the models came out, we didnt have to be "begged" and "persuaded" to come to buy with a $5000 freebee.
take heart, bradley, that you were indeed an 'early adopter' because that's all about your gonna get!

that said, your 02 is worth more today on a trade for an 06 (with a free sport package) than it will be worth next year on a newly designed 07 ,,, but you're leaving the benzo family for the porsche family as i recall. cheers, mate!
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