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AMG Option Pkg (2.0T engine) - Tires for the 20" Y spoke wheels

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I am looking at a couple of '22 model GLC300 that have the AMG pkg that includes the 20" Y spoke wheels. They look awesome IMO! (coupled with the nicer sport seats and trim package). However, when it comes to tire choices the awesomeness goes away. These are staggered two sized tires - 245/55-20 on the front and 285/40-20 on the rear. So they cannot be rotated. It appears that there are only about 3 brand/model choices available on Tire Rack in the rear size, and all seem to have reviews that would indicate that they last less than 20k miles. At $1500-2000 for a set of 4, this adds up in a hurry vs the standard 18" or 19" wheel/tire package.

What are those of you in the forum finding? Options? Is getting a second set of front rims to make all 4 the same size a realistic option? Is anyone going to more of an off-road look (ala Subaru - I realize this isn't a fair compare...) by replacing all four with more of an cross trail tire/wheel package?
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