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AMG GTs, blown fuse?

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Help. Was having trouble locking my 2017 AMG GTs from outside the vehicle with key fob. After putting the window up (from interior), used key fob and try and lock up vehicle. Tried lock, unlock, lock and then all electrics went out!
No lights, no ignition, horn, lights, nothing at all. Is there a main power fuse under the hood?
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No electric at all. No lights, horn, engine, anything. After putting up window, getting out, hitting lock, unlock, lock, ..nothing. then all lights on vehicle go out. Nothing anywhere. Sounds like a main fuse or relay?
Sounds like you might have a dead battery? Have you checked the vehicle systems battery?
Yea, battery is fine. Tests excellent.
Yea, battery is fine. Tests excellent.
Forumsnow, Thanks for having me double check battery.!!!!!!!
Loose cable!!!!!! Thanks for having me start from scratch again!!!!
Tighten up, back on road again. Yea,
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