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AMG GT Black Series vs 992 GT3RS, Thunderhill private track day?

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Any GT Black Series owners in the Bay Area (California) want to come drive their car at Thunderhill with a 992 GT3RS for free?

It would be a private full day session, not an HPDE event!

My business partner and I are booking content for a film shoot at Thunderhill with a GT3RS. We will be bringing a GT4RS as well, so that's in the mix too. We're looking for a Black Series owner who would like to come join us to compare the cars.

You would get to track for free, have a good time, and be part of our video (if you would like, absolutely do not have to). The GT3RS gets delivered in September so the track day will be around then. We are currently working on another production at Thunderhill with a GT3 and GT4RS so I will post the content here when we start posting to youtube (it's a series).

Let me know if you are interested here and we can chat about details over the phone or however you prefer.
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