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AMG Gleason Torsen, John, Ed,Talbir

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The 3.06 Gleason Torsen differential which recently sold does this work on an '89 560SEC with ABS but not ASR.

Is there any modification required?

I saw Jonathan posted a comment about durability, however doesn't Satish run this rear end coupled to the V12.

I believe I read a post that Eddies' disintegrated. In it the planetary gears which fail?

Is there a 2.82 LSD or there abouts rear end that fits a 126C?

What model Mercedes used this rear end?
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Talbir was the buyer of the AMG Gleason-Torsen 3.06 differential that sold on eBay recently for $1,600.

I haven't hears any news on what condition it was in. I hope Talbir made out alright. :confused:

Satish put a 2.82 diff in my car. It is not LSD, however, and I think the donor was a diesel, but not sure which model. The stub-axles had to be changed over for it to fit properly, if I remember correctly.

Not sure about Satish having a 3.06 with the V12 M120 engine. I think he had the 3.06 in his cars with the M119 engine.

The Gleason-Torsen drives have a tendency to blow up. Don't expect 200K miles of service from them.

May want to have a chat with the guys over at Quaife about a unit. Can't be much more than the $4,000 Barry Taylor is asking for the AMG G-T units.
560300 said:
Are you happy with the 2.82 open diff?
Yes, but with 326 HP on tap, I don't drive the car much in the wet.........:)

With the 275/40 rear tires I don't have a problem with the rear breaking loose on dry roads, even with 1st gear start and full throttle.
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