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AMG Gleason Torsen, John, Ed,Talbir

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The 3.06 Gleason Torsen differential which recently sold does this work on an '89 560SEC with ABS but not ASR.

Is there any modification required?

I saw Jonathan posted a comment about durability, however doesn't Satish run this rear end coupled to the V12.

I believe I read a post that Eddies' disintegrated. In it the planetary gears which fail?

Is there a 2.82 LSD or there abouts rear end that fits a 126C?

What model Mercedes used this rear end?
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Do not know what the life exp of the GT are, but everyone I know that has one (which is not that many to be honest) has had problems. Mine developed cracks in the worm gears, at which point it was put on the shelf. Did not want to have the same experience as Eddie and have it blow out while on the highway. The R&P gears, which are stock MB parts, do not seem to be the weak link, only the worm gears. Some of us were looking into having new worm gears made but so far I do not know of anyone getting this done yet. GT's are great diffs, but only while they last.

'87 560SEC AMG Widebody - 49k miles
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