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hang_man - 1/26/2005 6:03 AM

does any one have a pic of the SLK AMG floormats?

do they have AMG in silver down the side?
I saw these when i was in Bremen doing the factory collection.
They do have AMG on them (can't remember if it was embroidered or a metal plate, or the location of the logo)

However what put me off paying the premium for these, was that they appeared to be exactly the same quality as the regular R171 mats, so the extra cost was merely to have the AMG logo!

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2005 SLK 55 AMG
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masmole - 1/26/2005 10:03 AM

yes, amg in silver down the side. There's a pic or two of it on my web page:
Without those pics, I wouldn't have even known that I was supposed to get AMG floor mats with my AMG car. It came with normal MB floor mats. Dealer replaced them with the AMG mats. Thanks again.
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