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I am looking to upgrade my exhaust on my s600 fist of all has anyone do it?
does amg headers and catalyzer(not sure of the spelling) differ from the regular ones?
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As far as I know, on the S series, the AMG badge just indicates cosmetic changes (wheels, bumpers, skirts ) and nothing mechanical.
Actually your wrong. AMG can mean many things. The real AMG are S63 & S65 which are the really expensive and fast ones. i believe V12s. You might see the S550 with the AMG badge which means either it has the AMG appearance package (body kit and wheels) or just a regular S550 and someone just put a AMG badge on it. But AMG badge that you see dosent mean its a authentic AMG.
That only works for the S550 Asshole. The S comes in 4 models. S550, 600 63, and 65. the real AMGs are the 63 and 65s. and what does this have to do with a S600? when that doesn't even have a AMG badge on it? Im pretty sure ml500rus meant a real AMG exhaust and not one off of a S550. And i think you should do alittle more research before you try to prove a wrong point.
Not mad at all. Just telling you what i know. And people shouldnt be trying to prove a point thats wrong. Im 16 and read alot about these cars and most likely know more than you so i was just correcting you.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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