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I wanted to buy this book, but $350.00 is a little out of my price range. Are these books worth that much? I thought $60.00 for Barry Taylor's book was way to much. What was this guy thinking?

Item number# 7949869007

Here the link:

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That auction was fixed... and its illegal,too. Look at the bid history. Notice that Larkin guy, 0 feedback and account created the day before the auction ended. He would bid all the way up, and if he would go over.. he would extract his bid.

I've seen these catalogs on ebay before, they come up like once every 2 months or so. They usually go for $100, but NOT $350!

Then again.. if center caps can sell for $200+, why wouldn't a 30+ page catalog sell for $300+[xx(]

Might sell air that was in the tires of a 6.0L AMG DOHC car!.. surely good for around $50 per film container?![xx(]
MRTIKKET - 1/30/2005 9:41 PM

Your post actually got my stomach in a knot! The book is absolutely beautiful and the pictures can be considered frameable art.

I know this because my father's company worked hand-in-hand w/AMG to produce these on the world's finest printing presses, which we manufactured.

The book was stolen from me while I was very sick in the hospital. The jack-ass who "borrowed" it took it home to his father. His father was a huge MB collector and framed the lithos and hung them in his office.

I got more copies, but this still makes me livid today. Thanks for the memories.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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