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Hi Guys,

I'm selling my stock AMG Aero II Monoblock Wheels (wheels only) no tires, ( I just got it 3 mo. ago and going to use it on the new rims. purchased the same thing brand new call me crazy but i really like the way it looks on our W210 body style.

All the rims are in good condition (I'll Attach pictures later on this week, and plus want to be more detail on the rims itself w/o the tires when i take the pictures) I havent got my new ones yet, hopefully this friday & mount it on the wkend) No Scratch, I have it re-painted & re-polished professionally & paid $695.00 4 moths ago. But I they didnt paint the inside and one of the clear coat on the lip started to peel off so i did remove the clear coat on the lip ( lip only ) you'll see on the pix. but aside from that the rims looks great.

I M me for Best Offer & As soon i got my new ones I'll post a pix.
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