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2004 (w220) S500 & (R230) SL550 2007
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Some times the S500 suprises me. What would Benz engineers be thinking when they built in complete remote control operation of the Comand system stock, nothing needed but buying the remote control itself.

I guess they must just ponder what people expect in a six figure car.. I can only assume that they thought folks like this might have drivers for them.

Very prescient, because while I LOVE driving this beast, I have discovered that the back seat is really great too. I like to go out to events where alcohol is served in abundance and I just don't want to endanger occupants or others on the road, so I have one of my employees chauffer me. Especially this time of year!

It really is a treat being driven around in this fine auto and the remote control lets me do EVERYTHING.. answer phone, input destination on Nav,change CD & mp3 dvd tracks, adjust volume & Mute, ALL from the rear seat!

So even after these years I discovered a whole new way to enjoy this fine machine.

Perhaps they should have a new motto
" most thoughtfully engineered vehicle"
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