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2000 E320
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Hi there.
If anyone can give me some advice or tips I'd appreciate it very much.

I'm planning on doing a detail on my E320. It is blue (non metallic, with a clear coat over. Original paint. The car is twelve years of age so it has lots of scratches swirls etc.

I attached two photo's indicating the products I'l use in that order roughly. Obviously I'l first start with a wash ( two bucket system) with dishwashing liquid and clay bar simultaneously. Then mask of a section of the car. Start by applying polish, checking the results. If it is not satisfactory apply the rubbing compound followed by polish, the sealant, and then the wax.

Any comments on the products I selected?
The questions I have is :
Polymer sealant versus Full synthetic? - I have no idea what is the difference, but Polymer was all they had so I went for that.

Is the rubbing compound correct? - It does say it is not recommended for matte finishing - thats got me wondering.

Then what made me ask the question in the first place ;
I have a orbital polisher, a cheap type. It does say it is a random orbital.
The 'bonnets' are little confusing.
I assume;
when applying compound - use compound pad - remove with micro fiber cloth.
When applying polish - use polish pad - remove with micro fiber.
When sealant or the wax - use soft foam pad (meguirs) - remove with micro fiber cloth.

So will the bonnets bought work? perhaps in this order ;
wool - for compound - (microfiber for removal)
terry - for polish - (microfiber for removal)
foam - for wax/sealant - (microfiber for removal) - -will probably use the meguirs foam pad for applying though.

Thank you for any comments in advance, and of course your patience.
Just an amateur here. :)


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