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Amateur Detail for R129 as COVID distraction

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Dear all,
I own a 1997 R129 since about a year and the paint has seen better days.
Since COVID came along I had time to replace the soft top hydraulic cylinders, some interior parts, tires (not myself), Oil (not myself).
Now I would like to learn & improve the paintwork.
I live in a Condo and Electricity is not near, therefore I would like to try my luck with a Ryobi P430G battery powered tool. Understandably it is probably too weak but I feel it is worth an attempt.
Anybody uses the Ryobi ?
Any suggestions how to convert it to take "regular" 6" pads ?

Besides, I would be grateful to learn about foam vs microfiber pads.
I wouldn't work with too aggressive compound, the car doesn't need to be perfect and as mentioned it is partially to learn, partially to use the spare time

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For the pad issue, you may want to consider Adam's 15mm cordless swirl killer, and the two-step kit (includes compound and finishing polish, plus brush for pad cleaning every panel or half panel (hood, roof, etc, clay bar, and recharging station). I think it will serve your needs just right, vs the Ryobi and it's size/pad limitation. The backing plate determines what size pads you can use, and the Ryobi unit may just get in the way if it even allows you to use the 5-6" backing plate.
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