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AM radio reception

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2002 E320 4Matic Sedan.
Am radio reception is nonexistent.
OEM unit was terrible. Dealership took a crack at it and improved it minimally. Still did not work well by any means. Mostly static unless right on top of transmitting station.
Had the radio changed out at an independent audio shop. Told them of the problem.
The new unit is AF/FM, CD and USB capable. Noyhing special but all functions sound good except
AM reception is no better, just louder static.
I've checked the stickies and I do not seem to find an answer to this situation.
Am I alone or is this a common enough problem to have a reasonable solution out there somewhere?
Any help appreciated.
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I'm not sure if the sedan has a 'diversity unit' like the wagon but if so track it down and check the connections. In the wagon it's located in the left side C-pillar. Pull each connector, spray with contact cleaner and reinsert and repeat. Another simple antenna test is to hookup a test antenna to the back of the radio. This is something the radio shop should have done before selling you a new radio. Be sure the test antenna is grounded. If you decide to buy a cheap antenna for the test you'll also need a DIN to RCA adapter assuming you are buying antenna for US radios.
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