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Alternator Tensioning Bracket bent again...

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Just three months afer I replaced the belts, the alternator and its tensioning bracket (which was bent), I am facing again the same problem. I noticed that the two v-belts were loose and that the long tensioning screw is slightly bent. The three bolts supporting the alternator are still tight and the belts seem in good condition still.

What is the correct procedure in tensioning the alternator? Do I back-off the tension screw after I have tensioned the belts and tightened the support bolts? Or should it remain tight?

yt300d, 1984 300 turbodiesel @180,000
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you need to loosen the top bolt on the alternator itself. the tensioner should then work.. you may need to bend it back to it's original form. then tighten the top bolt and you're done.
at least that's how i could take up some slack on mine..
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