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Alternator interference??? HELLPPP!!!!

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Ive just installed a new cd player in my mercedes. It has an electrical filter attached to it but when the engine is started and is running there is some kind of interference. The slower the engine revs the louder the interference, if you bring the revs up to about 2000 rpm then the noise is nearly inaudible. The other day when i had a relativly flat battery the interference was very noticable! When the key is turned to kick over the engine there is a sharp whisle...... sort of "shhhwwwttt" then when the engine is running it is a whistleing / whirring noise. As i said it gets faster and quieter when the motor runs faster leading me to think its the alternator. I tried goin thru the fuse box and removing fuse by fuse and relay by relay to isolate the problem no luck. Also i disconected the coil and cranked the luck. I put a heavy duty electrical filter on the cd player. Im out of ideas! Its not my arial as ive tried several. My thought are its a faulty earth wire or the alternator needs a suppressor? Any advice is much appreciated....



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Do you have an amplifier installed?
I had a simmilar problem from the day I got my car. The sollution was simple enough.
Just separated all signalwires to the amp. (low voltage, sensitive) from my 12V supply wires.

My guess is that your new CD player is supplying lower voltage signal to amp., wich means it's more sensitive against interference.
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