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I have a noisy bearing in the alternator and pulled it out last night. I ordered a replacement for my 2002 G500 and it looks nothing like the one I pulled out.

To add to my confusion I read several threads here and other boards that explain the clocking is different even on the replacement units and that the volt regulator plug does not match up perfectly. I'm not sure if this issue was fixed since some of these threads are from 5 years ago...or if this is still an issue.

The numbers on my alternator are BOSCH (0-124-615-020) MB# (A463-150-01-50)

My question is for anyone who has been down this road before I risk it again and order the closest alternator from Autohaus AZ (by searching under the 4631500150) number or do I need to have the alternator rebuilt with Bosch components keeping the same clocking etc.

Part of my confusion also stems from the fact that the part picture on Autohaus AZ shows the orientation (clocking) of the rear plate off. I just don't want to install a unit that will give me alt errors etc.

thanks in advance!
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