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Hi, if anyone's interested, I can brief you on this job on a 500se:

1. Fault: suddenly after brief stop strange noise (subtle) from engine comp.Electric burnt smell.
2. Battery drained in 4 hrs.On key in start pos, brief flickering of dash lights, instead of all red lamps staying on.But no alt warning lamp on whatsoever when started!!!
3. Battery "charging" alt instead of vv.Probably Dangerous to drive!!Alt very hot!!
4. Buy a reman one, with exact fit.You can easily see the numbered sticker from engine comp.
5. Buy coolant (1½ ltrs x2conc.= 6 ltrs ready mix from MB)or use old coolant.
6. Mentally prepering for the job (I'm not a mech, not an engineer type either)
7. Sunny day: Buy it.
8. Run the car up the old homemade ramp, has to be done from underneath.
9. Remove engine under shield(2).Disconnect battery.
10. Remove large coolant hose right lower side, and other end. emptied 5½ ltrs+
11. Remove sway bar bushing (holder) left and right, bar loose hanging.
12. Remove belt.Relatively easy by pushing the tensioner by hand.
13. Remove alt bolts (2) and connectors.
14. Find out that it's too tight, fan has to be unscrewed and moved left, and plastic shield round radiator.
15. Unscrew the bolts holding the oil (trans?) line, so that it can be bent a little.Part hose, part steel line.
16. Force the alt out, 18 year old plastic round the radiator still has some elasticity left
17. Switch some parts, if wanted between the old and new alt.
18. Put the new one in place.
19. Check and renew isolation on the alt cable, mine had very brittle heat cover and some faults in isolation that I covered, on the three thin cables,running along the main one.

Hope I didn't forget anything, took about 6 hrs with no hurry.Can be done on an 18 year old car, with just an old kamasa copy tool set, and some help from this forum , and everything is prepared from the drawing table, the fact that it's a millimeter job to get it out, only because said oil line is curved a little it is possible.
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