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I have a friend that's all about the wood gasifiers, honestly, not my thing, I like my mogstink all OEM ;) but I know some fellow moggers (coachgeo, this post of for you) like to dabble.

Again, make mine diesel, but interesting.

Too bad it wasn't a forestry mog, self renewing :)


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really neat rig in those pics.

For me Im a diesel nut and these day's what I'd call plasticgas is the way to go. Getting hard as hell to find WVO but waste plastic........ a good bit easier. Pyrolysis (plastic gasification still ) cracked back to diesel fuel is where Im presently hoping to aim.

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George, I have a good supplier of WVO and have been making biodiesel for the past two years. My mog loves it, as well as my Son's 300D with turbo and 5 speed, and my Kubota tractor. My cost is about $1.40 a gallon right now, and I have made enough that my equipment is all paid for. Only problem is with our cold weather, I have to cut it with diesel in the winter, due to gelling.
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