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While enjoying our time off here on northern Italy, we passed a recently opened local Kia/Renault dealership today. We had a look....

Jokes apart, they had a light blue metallic Sorento on display with a light grey interior - I think that might be very, very close to "our" Alpine Rain/Ash W164 combination, and we liked it. We hope we'll like our W164 just as much when it gets here [;)]

However, quite a number of things bothered us: The Sorento wasn't ugly, and though it's difficult to compare a new car in a showroom with a well-used five-year old car, it didn't come off bad. Next to it was the reborn version of the old hate-vehicle for the W163 back in 1997 - the Kia Sportage ["oldtimers" will remember fierce battles and intense flaming on the subject of the supposed likeliness of the old Sportage and the W163]. Well, the new Sportage isn't bad at all - but what seriously p***ed me off was to note that this sub-EUR25K Corean SUV, at least here in Italy, runs on the very same Bridgestone Turanza ER30 tires that our future W164 super-SUV will come equipped with - [:0][:0][:0] (OK- slightly smaller, but basically the same tire). Come on - this can't be serious??

As we are of course people above such petty concerns, the mere fact that you could quite probably walk into this or another Kia dealership with the nearly EUR75K you're going to invest in a "comprehensibly equipped" W163 and drive off with fully loaded Sorento's AND Sportage's - and have enough left over to take a Picanto subcompact as a bonus, does not concern us at all. After all, these vehicles have no star on the front [8D][8D] - just a mere 365 days more of factory warranty. But maybe somewhere in Stuttgart, some people might start being concerned about this....

OK - I'll stop nagging for tonight. Anyhow, the older-generation Sorento's back seat was a messy affair to fold (quite like the W164 with the added PITA of having to remove the rear headrests). The Sportage, OTOH, folded flat in 3 secs - even better than the W163, and more like a 1990 Ford Explorer, but with the addition of headrests.

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