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I posted my experience with this exact install earlier.

You can follow the instructions, but the only change I had to make was to use the RCA pre-amp outs instead of the speaker level outs. When I used the speaker level outs, I got a hiss in the background, and I would overdrive the amp with the volume on quite low settings.

The RCA's were much better, no hiss and a much cleaner sound. TO use the RCA's, I had to install a ground loop isolator. This is available from radio shack and is like 20$. The isolator has RCA ins and outputs. You then still have to connect the RCA outputs from the ground loop isolator to the inputs to the Bose amp. These inputs are of course regular wire, not RCA plugs. For this I purchased some wire adapters also from radio shack. They are just cables with RCA on one end and regular wires on the other end. You then hook these into you wiring harness (in place of the speaker wires) and everything else is hooked up just like on

Feel free to PM me if you have any problems, as I have recently completed this install.

BTW, adding an iPod adapter in the future is really easy if you decide to do it. You don't have to mess with any of the other install wires.

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