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All problems listed for the past 7 years of ownership

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I've owned my W140 since 1996 when she was just 2 years old.

I thought it would be useful to list all the problems I've EVER had with her for the duration of my ownership. If anyone wants specific details on a repair, just ask via a posting. [;)]

Hope you guys find this useful

Format as follows Problem – Resolution – Who fixed the fault

Rear Headrests not reclining - New switch - DIY
Failed Lumbar Support - Vacuum leak by ZF pump - DIY
Air Con failure - Leak at intake pipe - new intake pipe - Shop
Sunroof Sticking - ongoing - TBA
Rear passenger window sticking - ongoing - TBA
Front door locks sticking - rebuilt front locks twice with new rollers - Removal/fit DIY rebuild Shop
Rear boot lid lock failing - Cleanout and lubricate - DIY
Mirrors not folding - New Switch - Dealer
Rear Centre vents position handles broken - ongoing - TBA
Gear selector light failure - New bulb - DIY
Dashboard lights (fuel gauge/ mileage recorder) - New bulbs - DIY
Dash lights on headlamp on/off cluster - New bulb - DIY
Central lock failure - New ZF Pump - DIY
Water leak - New Water Pump - Shop
Transmission flaring between gears - Transmission Overhaul - Shop
Rear Brake Caliper grinding - New rear caliper + New rear discs (rotors) - DIY
Oil leak at front of Engine - Front gasket of M104 engine - Shop
Squeaking engine drive belt - New belt + tension set - Shop
Drive shaft linkage worn - New linkage fitted - Shop
Ventilation blower motor failure - New motor fitted - Dealer
Ventilation blower squeaking at low speed - ongoing - TBA
Rear speaker buzzing - New rear speakers - DIY
electric aerial stuck down - New aerial - DIY
ABS light on following battery install - Reset ABS light - Dealer
Worn (perished sheathing) ignition leads - New engine wiring harness - Shop
ABS light on following perished ignition leads - Reset ABS light - Shop
Headlamp wiper failure on right lamp - ongoing - TBA
Breakup in lamination on rear glass - ongoing - TBA
Rear screen elements partially working - ongoing -TBA
Centre console roller jammed - forced back into tracks - DIY
Loose Bonnet Star Emblem - New Emblem fitted - DIY
Jump Wiper arm not jumping at screen corners - ongoing - TBA
Pulling to the left - Retracking - shop
Snapped drivers door check-strap (door jam) - New check strap fitted - Dealer

If any more spring to mind I'll update the list

I'll glady help anyone with problems. I'll describe the repair as I carried it out. All repairs are at your own risk and down to your own competency.
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transmission flaring between gears

W140Gill, first let me say thanks for your post I just replaced numerous burned out lights because of your post. But my transmission is acting really weird lately.
When I begin underway it revs to 4500 rpm before the gear will change. Then if i give it gas at the wrong time it will rev really high! The gears just aren't changing right. Is this the transmission flaring you spoke of? How much did it cost to fix?
drk. grn.
transmission flaring

Ok w140Gill, I will be cautious. One question was your car driveable, or did it completely break down? Mine drives now and I was just wondering. If yours drove how long did you wait before taking it in to get fixed?

drk. grn. 400se
I will do it as soon as possible

Thanks w140Gill, I get it looked and fixed as soon as my pocket allows. I just wanted to make sure driving it like this for a couple wouldn't destroy the drive shaft or something.
drk. grn. 400se
ac/ heating controls illumination

w140 Gill, have you changed the bulbs in your ac/ heating ever?

I have a blown one on the drivers side of my control unit. If you have any instructions could you share them with me please.

Thanks in advance,

drk. grn. 400se
Dear Ychachad, thanks for your post I saw that from our buddy Gill. But I was trying to ...

Dear Ychachad, thanks for your post I saw that from our buddy Gill. But I was trying to remove the bulbs from my air and heat controls. The bulb on the drivers portion is out, so I can't see what temperature it's on at night. I changed my gear bulb thanks to Gill, so I know how to remove the ash tray and those parts. I was thinking the top portion of wood must come off in the same fashion exposing the air and heat controls. I also need to replace whatever bulbs light the vent on and off controls If you have any knowledge on these let me know ok.


Drk. Grn. 400se
Wiring harness

Hi Gill, as usual I have a question. What were the symptoms when your wiring harness went bad. Lately in my car when I'm driving all the warning lamps will flash as if the car is gonna shut off but I feel no affects to the engine. Is this my harness? I have 153,000 miles on my car.

As usual Thanks for the info Gill

drk. grn. 400se [:)]
1 - 6 of 50 Posts
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