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1989 190e Cosworth, 1990 BMW 325iS
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Alright dudes,

So the all new Fortune Auto FA500 Gen 6's have been released and feature a few new upgrades to the hardware components, as well as a longer manufacturers warranty! The Gen 6's now come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, improved digressive piston technology, fully revalveable and rebuildable and much more dampening adjustability!

Right now, I have super gnarly pricing on FA500's. I can get almost any spring rate and valving that you would want with no extra charge! Guaranteed that I have the lowest price around for the 500's!

If you need a price quote on any Fortune application, send me a PM and/or email me at: [email protected] or if you're old school, give me a shout via rotary phone: 800-959-0145 x 103!


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