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The man is an absolute LEGEND!:thumbsup:


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Alessandro Zanardi - Golden dreams

Graham BMW Motorsports in the spring 2012 went to Lausitzring to film this tributeto Alex. It is important to remind everyone, that one year after the wreck, Superman visited the two Drs. and the trackside medical staff who save his life on race weekend. The next year, prior to the race, Superman drove the 13 laps at Lausitzring and received the Checkered Flag for the race.
I think he won two Gold Medals ar the ParaOlympics. I was taught in life it isn't always what you accomplish but what you overcome....

Graham, to change the subject, last year Kimi Raikkonen was in Charolotte, NC area for several weeks. My friend in Huntersville heard rumors Kimi had bought a house in NC. It turned Kimi was paying $50,000.00 per race for the team supplied truck and pit crew.
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