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ALDA Baseline

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The ADLA (ALDA?) on my 1980 300D was "tuned" by some sort of expert(?) before I inherited vehicle and I think the "tuning" may be causing sysmptoms below...

When accelerating from a stop, if the reves are kept very low, the 300D emits almost no smoke. If accelerating normally, not racing away, 300D emits clouds of dark gray smoke like a smoke screen. 300D runs well at highways speeds and smoothly around town and produces no smoke above 60 MPH. I assume the smoke screen is caused by unburned fuel resulting from too rich a fuel mixture - a fuel mixture richness caused by the ALDA?

I change oil and oil and air filters at prescribed intervals. My question is - How do I establish a baseline for the ADLA so I may try to reduce smoke screen? Seems like turning the screw without knowing where zero is would cause more problems.
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Not sure how far above sea level you are but assuming you are at least 1000 ft then just turn the screw clockwise 1/2 turn at a time until it quits smoking. There isn't anyway I know of to establish a baseline without taking the pump off.
Is this a turbo? If not then at sea level the alda shouldn't be doing anything. It is there to compensate for being above sea level.
If everything is working right then you won't screw anything up by adjusting the alda. It will only reduce the power available.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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