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2000 S320
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The display of my 2000 W220 S320 occasionally shows “'Airmatic, STOP, CAR TOO LOW”. It usually happens after going over a normal undulation at speeds below 60 mph (about 95 kph here) but has also done this above this speed. It resets itself if I stop and actuate the height switch. The message also vanishes after several minutes if I simply keep driving without hitting more undulations.
I’m a new member, have followed all the threads I can find on this and have established:-
1...Mudguards are about 2 centimetres above the wheel when the car has been left overnight and the car sits evenly all around.
2...I can’t hear any hissing noise from the pump area when the engine is running. Same when it’s not running. Only time I can hear it running is after actuating the ride height switch.
3...No apparent leaks from top of shock absorbers.
So I’m hoping someone can tell me:-
1...Is all this normal and, if not, what else could be causing it?
2...What is normal height from tyre to mudguard?
3...What is height from tyre to mudguard when height switch has been actuated?
4...One thread says, “Once the red Airmatic warning appears on the multifunction display, the Airmatic system is disabled.” Is that correct?
Any comments or suggestions will be most welcome.

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Welcome to Benzworld, this is the introduction section so please post your questions on the W220 forum for best results.
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