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Hi Guys,

I am new here but reading through the forum you guys seem to know a hell of a lot about merc's and airmatic :)

I have an ML here in the UK and love the car but i noticed one issue with the airmatic, when i change the airmatic settings one corner on the rear just doesnt move at all, it just stays where it is regardless of if the car is lowered or raised.

I noticed this even when I recently had a front strut go out on me and the all three wheels lowered except this same rear corner - not sure how this can be possible.

I am automatically assuming it would probably be a height sensor but wanted to get some advise from experts :)

other than that I am loving the car , full amg kit, tv, airmatic, rear seat entertainment, heated seats, HK, the list is endless hehe :)

PS. this doesnt look particularly high to me - its probably more looking as if it is at the normal height and won't change.
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