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my car has been dropping both rear suspension units at the same time over days, especially if cold. so a very very small leak. since the air lines go back to the valve block from each shock i suspect that. ran all the tests that sds says and all ok. altho one test says to measure drop of suspension over 10hrs and it takes longer than that to drop...the leak is that small. no bubbles from around the valve block. i removed the compressor line from valve block and checked for air coming out of port. very small air leak. my theory is that its the air leak from the 2 rear suspension units. am i on the right track ?

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Buy a few feet of air line hoses, buy these:

and remove the air line going to the rear airbags on the car, fit these and fill it up using the schrader valve (like how you fill up the tires) and wait.

This test isolates the airbags from the valve block, and can be a definite answer as to which one is leaking.
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