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I am working with 2000 W220 that has Diagnostic error showing ADS (damper) failed in front strut. Circuit Y1 . The other circuit Y2 is operational and no errors.

A little background; Airmatic suspension on this S430 also uses a controlled ride firmness controls system - ADS. A damper is attached externally to each front Airmatic strut. There is a connection to the ADS control module that controls the opening and closing of the damping vales in the Airmatic strut's "inner workings".

Of the 2 circuits on a damper, the Y1 circuit shows no operation and the ADS systems set a value to Airmatic that says "visit workshop" in the instrument cluster. The resulting ride is very firm and damping is forced into this limited ride control status.

The ride height part of the suspension of car is not effected (the level of car appear normal and Airmatic operates with raising an lowering the height of the car).

Here is my question on how do I check the 2 additional diagnostic tests that Star has suggested, to find where the fault is?

1- is check the voltage on the connection for 11-14 volts when the circuit Y1 is activated

2 check the change of mvolts on the Y1 and Y2 circuits when the dampers are activated?

The connector from the damper is a small and D shaped connector / a special type, that has 3 pins in the connection. The female side of the connection that the cable plugs into is in the inner wheel well and not in direct view. When the connector is connected a rubber "waterproof" seal is made. MB has a break out box connection tool that basically makes the entire wiring from the front left SAM an open jumper and test point, PHEW I have only seen pictures in the manuals....

So I need to find a way to get access to the ADS connection for the damper.

2nd I might need to replace the ADS module if that shows failed (based on these 2 tests) any idea on how to get that out of the SAM area in the front left electrical box under the hood?

Thanks in advance.


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That's probably the AIRmatic module, which is located in the driver's side fuse box.
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