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Aircon Blows hot out of center vent and floor vent

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I have 2002 A Class 190. When I turn on the AC the compressor comes on and the air is cold. As the vehicle warms up I am getting warm to hot air out of the center left and the vent to the floor. After a little more time the warm air takes over and cooler to just to open the windows. You can feel the cool air but not enough.

AC runs and motor cooling fan comes on. Is there a mono or duovalve in this somewhere. I suspect the heater is on and possibly the air flap from the heat box open.

Anybody have this issue? Im in Brasil and it's hitting 38 to 40 the last few weeks. Very Hot.
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Ive not had this issue with my A140 (though currently it has no gas and a leak somewhere). However on my Mondeo i had the same issue, there is was a case that the fan didnt cut in. Soon as i got the fan sorted (blown fuse). It was blowing cold air again even when warmed up.

Prob not the same issue, but perhaps something to look at?
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