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I have another couple of questions re-C280 problems - again, any help would be much appreciated.

1. I notice that there should be an outside temp reading on my dash. Having investigated I have discovered that the outside temp sensor seems to be missing from the socket on the lower front bumper. Whilst checking out my second the wiring for the brake pedal switch (which is faulty) I have discovered a two prong plug which is dangling with nothing around plug into it - could this be left over from a faulty temp sensor?

2. One of my brake lights seems tempramental - sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have read that this could be a faulty brake pedal switch. Does anyone have experience of this? is it easy to sort?

I am new to merc ownership and would rather get my hands dirty sorting my own problems out than unnecessarily line the pockets of a mechanic - hence lots of questions!

Thanks in anticipation...
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