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one of my 560SEL had its hydraulic suspention system removed by its ex-owner after it became too trouble some..

all the circuit, sensors, lines, pumps, etc etc for the hydraulic system has been pulled out too..along with some modification to the chasis by welding to fit in odinary suspension

so now goin back to hydraulic system seems hell lot of work and near impossible to achive factory perfection therefore im condisering air suspension since it feels simpler and easier to DIY ..

so anybody has any previous experience, ideas, knowledge of these kind of systems?? any sugesstion when putting them in the benz..

the suspension will come from a MG rover donor car and a local expert will do some modifications / adjustments to it for fitting in my 560sel

- OR -

will be custom assembled by purchasing the parts independently

what ever give the best performace vs value

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RE: air suspension

Wow, ambitious project.

Of course, MB used air suspension systems on the original 600 series, the 300 SEL 6.3 and the W116 450 SEL 6.9 (maybe more, those are the ones I know best..). Despite (or because of...) MBs extensive experience with air suspension systems they decided to use a hydraulic system on their new flagship models with the introduction of the W126.

I wish you luck with your project and please post pictures .
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