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Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, sold my 638 a few years ago and bought some fun cars but I’m back to needing the space the van offers with a 2008 639.

I’ve had a look around using the search function, it’s obviously throwing up tonnes of results but not what I’m after. I seem to be having issues with the dreaded air suspension 🙄 the pump is kicking in and seems to be doing its job pumping up but I can’t hear it dumping air the way the 638 did when lowering...I can hear air seeping slowly after switching the car off but no big dump of air when removing load from the back. I also get an ‘ENR not activated’ warning on the dash very occasionally after starting up and driving away.

Anyway, having a look around underneath, I suspect possible level sensor to be an issue and looking at O/S sensor, I see the rod that links it to rear axle is ready to snap at the sensor end (imminently). 1, are these rods available separately? and 2, how do you remove it at axle side? I see one end is held with a 10mm nut at the sensor arm but can’t see how to remove the other end from the axle.


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