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I've been having issues with our air suspension. We have a 2011 R350 4 matic bluetec. Our LR air.spring popped out. My brother in law saw a video on how to.put it back in and ever since we've had.issues. we removed the screw from the air spring, re seated it and it seems there is a leak somewhere.
Symptoms are, both rear tires drop after a few hours to a day. I tightened the screw thinking it was probably the culprit since that's all we really did to it and it worked fine prior to that. After this, the whole.left.side was low. My father in law said.its because all the weight is one the front left tire. I turned on the car while it was jacked up to listen, I hear what sounds like air.coming from the left rear spring, I sprayed it was soap water but no bubbles. My father in law thinks theres an air.leak in the system, not necessarily the spring. It looks like the air line has a connect point in the back somewhere. Does anyone have a diagram of how the air matic suspension connect in the back?
I'm reluctant to spend money on new air bags if they're not needed, it only has 78k
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