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2006 e500 Wagon 4Matic, 2014 E63 S-AMG Wagon - JUST TOTALED
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Hi. on my '06 E500 wagon I need new air springs. I have 2 questions please:
1) The dealer estimate shows different part numbers for the driver and passenger side (211-320-08-25-80 and 211-320-07-25-80), one being $100 less than the other. When I look at replacement parts online, there's no distinction between sides. Which is it?
2) The total dealer estimate is $3,625.00 ($1,700.00 for labor and $1,925.00 for parts). That price reflects credit for cores ($100 each) but no tax.

Seems fair or not?

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Yes, the left and right rear airsprings are different on airmatic. The price is about what I would expect from any MB dealer. This job done by the book at a dealer is a massive undertaking because it requires partially dropping the rear subframe.

Theres no reason to be taking a 15 year old MB to the dealer. There are much cheaper aftermarket rear airbag alternatives that can be installed by an independent mechanic which don't require dropping the subframe. Here's Arnott.

Or you could save a lot more money by converting it to coil springs.

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Correct and should note they are no longer available new but rather re-manufactured. Part #s differ because of pressure reservoir orientation (140 in diagram). You can purchase refurbished here Rebuild Master Tech Air Suspension, Engine Parts & More... @ $219 each + shipping and have independent install if not comfortable with DIY.

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