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1995 C250D 5 cylinder non turbo diesel
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In 1995 I bought a new W202 C250D 2.5L 5 cylinder non turbo charged diesel Mercedes Benz in South Africa. Within a year I had difficulty starting in the morning if the car had stood more than overnight and I noticed that air bubbles formed in the transparent plastic fuel pipes around the fuel filter. No fuel leaked from the system but air was entering somewhere.
Mercedes Benz were unable to solve the problem despite many changes of pipes, o-rings and the shut-off solenoid. Eventually things got so bad that I left the car at Bosch for two weeks and their solution was to fit an electrical solenoid shut off valve in the return line to the fuel tank and a rubber bulb hand pump with non-return valve in the main fuel supply line. If the car stood for some time I would pump the hand pump before starting. After a while this also deteriorated and I tried unsuccessfully to find the air leak and left the car unused now for 5 years.
Recently I came across the Benzworld website and joined. Having read some of the similar cases have decided to have another go this time installing an electrical pump, filter and non-return valve in the main supply line from the fuel tank. My local parts supplier, Midas, has two pumps that seem suitable. The one is a Facet diaphragm type and the other Huco impeller type. Can anyone advise which would be better?
The other queries I have are:
1. As the engine has now been stationary for 5 years, should I take the head off to oil the piston rings and perhaps the camshaft before starting? What should I do about the crankshaft and small end bearings?
2. I understand that one can get bacterial growths in the fuel tank. I will dump the fuel unless I can clean it somehow but should I remove the fuel tank and flush it? What should I flush it with? What can one use to kill and filter the bacteria with?
3. Do I need to do anything about the Bosch injection pump? I am loath to remove it as I will have difficulty setting the timing etc.
If I am able to get the engine running successfully again, what should I do to the gearbox, differential and prop shaft after such a long time? Also the wheel bearings, as the car hasn’t been on blocks? I’m sure the tyres will need to be replaced.
Any help on these or any other suggestions would be most appreciated. I’m all enthusiastic again to meet the challenge!

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