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Air filter access? 110CDi

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Daft question, probably an embarrassingly simple solution.

I've just spent about an hour trying to get into the airbox to check the air filter. Undone two latch clips on the front corner, one screw on the front edge near the wing and one latch clip on the rear.

Also undone the concertina hose jubilee clip and removed from the airbox.

The top still won't budge!

Looks like there's another clip or screw somewhere that I can't see. Any clues before I just start hauling at it, or removing other stuff?!
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Disconnect the pipes and take the whole box out....;)
mine comes out just by undoing the bits you said. Maybe it's a bit stuck?
I'm certain mine has at least 4 clips. Think mine has one on the right hand side also. It then lifts from the right too as it is slotted into the left hand side of the tray. Pinch the missus's small make up mirror from her handbag and check all round for any further clips.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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