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Air compressor, Westinghouse, belt driven, For sale (best offer wins) or trade.

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Air compressor, Westinghouse, belt driven, for a Unimog 404.0 or 404.1.
For sale (best offer wins) or trade.
Must be picked up in San Diego or buyer must pay shipping (air lines are 5’6” long max).

This is a disassembled belt driven air compressor off a Unimog that was being disassembled for restoration.

Missing components:
• Shaft key for the belt pulley
• Gaskets for the head (needs two)
• Bracket that attaches to the frame of the Unimog (bolts and washers)
• Head mounting nuts, lock washers and washers (need 8 of each)
• Bolts, nuts and washers (need 4 bolts, nuts, lock washers and 8 flat washers) for mounting compressor to pivoting mounting bracket
• Bolts lock washers for mounting belt tension adjustment bracket to engine.
• Manufactures serial number / model number plate

Items included besides the air compressor:
• Steel air line off of the Unimog (these can be used as is or cut up to adapt to what ever you want).
• Antifreeze module and bracket (it puts alcohol into the air stream to keep moisture from freezing in the lines).
• Pressure regulator and bracket.
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I think that Scott EI still has his 411 give him a call and ask him.
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