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2001 SL500
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Still own the pictured SL500 but I recently acquired a 2005 S55 AMG and am planning on replacing a 9-year-old dealer installed battery with a DieHard Platinum AGM Battery from Advance Auto Parts. However, this message is included in the ad:

Exact Fit for your 2005 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG
REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: DO NOT attempt to install batteries in this vehicle.; Battery is vented to outside of vehicle.; AGM Valve Regulated Lead Acid [VRLA] is required; Installation may take up to 45 minutes. Battery located in trunk.; OE Exact Fit; OE Spec: OE Group H8 AGM; OE CCA 825; Battery Spec: 900 CCA; 1000 CA; 160 Minute Reserve Capacity; 3 Year Free Replacement.

Two questions. 1) Good battery choice? 2) What gives with the install? Any help there would be greatly appreciated.

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