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AGM Battery deal ?

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I you have a diesel Mog, I found what I think is a screaming deal on a 12V 4D-size AGM battery. Unlike some marine batteries, this one has standard automotive posts.

An outfit called AMS Batteries in Hollywood, FL will sell me a DeKa SeaMate 4D AGM for $245 ! The great part of the deal is that he found a local drop-ship distributor that will deliver the 130lb battery to my door for FREE....

If you want to check it out, call Sy at AMS. He said he can't guarantee free shipping to every address but it usually works out that way. He sounds like a pretty good guy - however, YMMV.

DeKa SeaMate:
AMS Batteries:
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...just to follow up on this.

I got my 4D dropped off at my door. It was as advertised.

The only way I could have bought the battery from the local DeKa distributor who dropped it off was to open a commercial account with him and it would have cost more, not to mention local sales tax.

Sy at AMS rocks [:D]
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