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Again, Supercharger for CLK55 or just cams, other??? 03 E55???

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Hi All,

Well I have spoke with Simon/Ben (Kleemann) and HPS (Adam or Mark?) about the superchargers for the CLK55.

When I first spoke with every tuner I could find about the Kleemann they all said it was too much boost and the ODBII setup would not correct itself. The compression would be raised to high as well. At the time, Brandon offered it to me for $9500.00 and I turned it down.

Now it seems that nothing is better than the Kleemann. (Quick correction of the marketplace when members become resellers and change vendors...)

I thought the concept of the HPS unit was good and the price was right, but not enough HP to warrant $8500.

I just read through a thread on MBWorld between JT55, Adam and Ben. Unreal.

I have only found 3 members who have superchargers, JT55, Mach430 (Ben) and someone named Timster from two forums.

Timster is trying to sell his car 2 months after the Kleemann, Ben resells Kleemann. JT55 is the only "non-biased" person I can find out there.

Is there anyone out there other than the same 3 members that have done either an supercharger or a cam, heads... upgrade.

Is it better to just sell the CLK55 and get an 03 E55.

I am looking forward to the input.


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Yes. I turned it down because I could not find one person who knew of Kleemann well and/or...

Yes. I turned it down because I could not find one person who knew of Kleemann well and/or said it would work. It was the system for the CLK430 (my old car).

Oh well. Now I see that ProCharger has a 7psi kit for the 350Z. It has 10.25:1 compression. They only increase the fuel pressure.

I would have to believe that the CLK55 engine is better or just as good as the 350Z's.

I am still thinking about it.
Cory or Brandon is correct.

I turned it downed BEFORE anyone here had it installed. That is the only real reason.

I have not heard a bad thing about them at all.

It is just a price point issue now. I wish I would have done it now.

I just wanted to be clear from my side as well.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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