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Aftermarket warranty?

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I was wondering if I could still buy warranty for my car. It is still under 100k. Does anyone know of any good legit ones with a great reputation? I got some things that need to be repaired..
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Generally when you are out of MFG warranty the company will require an inspection to determine if there is any preexisting conditions before writing the policy - good ones that actually honor their policy. So if you have any fault lights etc. they won't write it.

I've had an extended 6yr/100K extension since my MFG expired (immediately after) and they've paid for everything so far - wish I could get an extension as mine expires end of July. Things like gauge cluster/temp controller/radio and suspension stuff were all covered. Think they must have paid over three times the initial cost of the warranty so I'm very happy. Never balked ONCE on dealer charges. Was through Auto Warranty Broker also heard great things about Warranty Direct. I don't think they will do policies once the MFG warranty expires.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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