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Aftermarket Radio install - HELP!!

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Hello everyone,

I'll intro myself in the appropriate section later, for now I have an important question.

I'm trying to install a Kenwood head unit in a 2002 E430. I've gotten as far as removing the stock radio and discovering what looks to be a fiber optic cable and an extra harness that doesn't match up to the harness I ordered. I should mention this is a Bose system without Navigation.

Another issue is I can't seem to find a 12v accessory wire. The harness is slightly different from what it "should" be in that the wires are in different configurations. That's an easy fix - but where do I get acc 12v from?

If these topics have already been covered, I apologize. Search has lead me nowhere as of yet and I'm just trying to get this thing done. I can build a harness if necessary but I need some direction first!

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After some research it seems that the fiber optic cable is for the cd changer? If that's correct then I'm not worried about that. I am still curious what the secondary harness is for - I'd imagine steering wheel controls?

Also I caught a glimpse during my search about a "constant/accessory wire swap" so I decided to try that. Nothing. Voltmeter shows only one 12v source and it's constant, and one source (yellow/black wire) that gives less than half a volt when the key is on.

So, right now my main question is where do I tap the accessory (or switched) 12v?

Once I find this, the next question will be where I can tap the CANbus for wiring a PAC-CAN harness for SWC'S.

Any help would be appreciated and I'm sorry if this is stickied somewhere and I overlooked it.
Just another thought - Does anyone think I could use a relay and that low voltage signal to send 12v to the accessory lead on the radio? I would just tap the constant 12v and send it through a relay tripped by the one lead that fires 0.5 volts.
Anyone? Pointers to where I can find this? Suggestion for a better place to post this?
You could explain which wire is this one that fires 0.5 volts, and when does it do this? Are you going to purchase an 0.5 V relay?

I guess you've got the after market radio installation instructions. You should find the OEM MB radio connector descriptions from the forum (or google) and the switched voltage you can get from your cigarette lighter (at the correct fuse position). That should be all.

Thanks for the response. The wire I found is the yellow/black one in the harness that was described by someone on this forum as the 12v accessory wire.

Where would I tap the cig lighter? Is there an easy access point from the radio area, or will I need to take of
The entire console?
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