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Aftermarket Radio install - HELP!!

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Hello everyone,

I'll intro myself in the appropriate section later, for now I have an important question.

I'm trying to install a Kenwood head unit in a 2002 E430. I've gotten as far as removing the stock radio and discovering what looks to be a fiber optic cable and an extra harness that doesn't match up to the harness I ordered. I should mention this is a Bose system without Navigation.

Another issue is I can't seem to find a 12v accessory wire. The harness is slightly different from what it "should" be in that the wires are in different configurations. That's an easy fix - but where do I get acc 12v from?

If these topics have already been covered, I apologize. Search has lead me nowhere as of yet and I'm just trying to get this thing done. I can build a harness if necessary but I need some direction first!

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While your questions are directed mainly at specific wiring issues, post 28 and 30 at may provide you some good assistance.
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