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Hi Everyone,

I don't have a W220 (I can only wish....I have a POS 2001 Honda, but my dad has a 2000 S500 that's in mint condition with newer style taillight lenses, AMG badging/exhaust tips/AMG mag wheels. He has original factory OEM Xenon headlights, and for his recent birthday I ended up buying him some aftermarket headlights off ebay seen here....


My dad fell in love with the look of them, so now I am just trying to find out what will be the best way to install them. The ebay listing said it was compatible/will fit his year of W220. I came to find out (after receiving the new aftermarket headlights), that his 2000 has different ballasts, igniters and bulbs :( . I would like to try to get them working/installed since my dad liked them so much and didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to return them (I live in Ontario, Canada and they were shipped from California).

Just a FYI...I have read all of the previous posts in the "Sticky" on upgrading headlights which was awesome info, but still have a couple questions if someone could help...

Has anyone here ever installed these headlights? In the "sticky", most people are installing the Bi-Xenon ones. The reason I got these aftermarket lights, specifically, is because of the addition of the Audi style LEDs on the bottom of the headlight lenses. Believe it or not...My dad was going to (at one point), install some kind of LED rope lighting in his front bumper but I stopped him!!! :) lol.

These new aftermarket lights are made for the newer 2003 style ballasts/ignitors/clamp rings/bulbs seen here....

Mercedes-Benz W220 S280 S320 S350 S400 S430 S500 S600 S55 S63 S65 AMG HID Bi-Xenon Headlight Genuine Ballast Bulb Ignition Replace

My dad's 2000 model had the ballasts/igniters/bulbs seen here...

Mercedes-Benz W140 S320 S420 S430 S500 S600 S55 AMG OEM Headlight Xenon Ballast Bulb Ignition Replacement

What does everyone think is the best way to install these aftermarket headlights?....I'm thinking of buying the 2003 style ballasts/ignitors/clamp rings/bulbs. The aftermarket headlights have the same (6 pin) main wiring connector and has the newer style auto-level adaptor connection. I plan on buying a couple of these new auto-level adaptors as well. Does everyone here think it will work if i did that?

Thanks in advance...

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