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2006 Vito 109 compact.
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I am in the market for a new head unit for my W639.

It needs:

To be a double din with a touch screen
Have a DAB radio
Be able to control my ipod classic (a decent internal hard drive may also be nice but isn't a must)
Have a 4v sub preout (3 pre outs would be better but a sub out is a definite)
Have a sat nav (see note below)

I am not sure what different sat nav options are available for head units, nor their merits and faults so a little info/help here would be good. I have always found Tom Tom devices to be good but I am not sure if they have partnered up with a head unit manufacturer, nor the premium that may attract (incidentally does anyone know which manufacturers use which system i.e. garmin, top tom, navman or the maps that these manufacturers use...etc).

I would like it as cheap as possible and will happily go second hand and even wait a while for the right unit. I definitely don't want to be spending 1K on a head unit!

Thanks in advance

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